Tuesday, April 9, 2019

After Breaking: Do's and Don'ts

Break ups are never easy You find yourself trapped in the whirlpool of emotions and negativity. Read our 'Do's and Don'ts' Tips in this regard....

What to do

Understand that now it has really happened

The biggest problem after breakup is that people do not want to believe that the relationship has ended. They think that this is a problem of a few days and everything will be fine as before. It is not wrong to think this for a while, but this problem can not be solved. Once all is finished, it may not be possible for your partner to return again. This idea is painful, but understanding it is better for you.

Support your friends and family

You are not the first person in the world whose heart is broken. Talking to friends and family about this will make you feel better. Maybe they can give you some good advice about getting a new start. But it is also important that you do not do the same thing for months alone.

Do exercise

Exercise is the best way to put your anger in the right place. It will make you feel better physically, as well as it will carry endorphins, so that you will be able to feel happy and focus on other positive things.

Keep your attention

It does not mean that you ignore yourself. Eat healthy, spend time outside the house, start an old hobbies or sports again. This will help you to recover.

Plan for the future

Whether you plan to go out with your special friends on the next Saturday or go on a holiday, planning will make you feel positive. These new travel and plans will connect you with new people and you will understand that you can be happy without your ex-boyfriend / girlfriend.

Patience in new relationships

When you feel ready for a new relationship again, work with patience and do not hasten. To avoid loneliness, do not rush to jump in the relationship.

Delete them from social media

It is possible that you feel a little childish, but they come to you again on Facebook, it is better that you remove them from your friends list.

Go ahead and hurry

Breakups are troublesome and to celebrate them, celebrate the sadness. Eat ten packs of ice cream, shed tears after watching a romantic movie, or call your best friend unnecessarily (or all this together at one time). It is important to remove the pain inside you.

Do not do

Do not add to drugs

You may find that drinking alcohol or some other intoxication will ease the heartache, but being addicted can not solve any problem. And further, it will also have a very bad effect on your health.


You will surely believe that you should have an intimate relationship with someone, establish a physical relationship and there is nothing wrong in it. Just keep in mind that the joy you will get from one night's relationship will be temporary. It takes time to reconnect the broken heart again.

Do not chase or disturb your old companion

If your old partner is not interested in having a relationship with you then leave them alone! If you keep trying to talk to him then you may be sorry to see his condition or he may become so disturbed by you that you register a complaint against him in police. We are sure that you are in both of these Do not want to see yourself.

Do not blame myself

Do not feel guilty about losing your relationship. Your partner has not left you because you did not talk to his friends or you forgot to call them. The relationship is between two people and both of them are walking or endings.

Do not become a friend when the relationship ends

Talking to your partner can be childish but it is just right in the beginning. You need to pay attention to yourself and if you are in contact with them then it will be difficult for you to understand that this relationship is now friendship's love. And anyway you do not want them to introduce you to your next friend too.

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